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Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Annual Scholastic and Co – Scholastic Plan 2021-22
(Classes – I – XII)
Group prayer dance (VI – VIII)
Holiday – Good Friday
Decorative paper border (Craft – VI -VIII)
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – BBC (I – VIII)
Remedial Classes (I – XII)
Self Introduction (I -V )
Table tennis (Sports Club)
Diary Quiz (VI – VIII)
Making charts / posters / models related to different type of diseases (protozoan, virus, bacterial, fungus). Their mode of cause, symptoms, prevention & their treatment, also including Covid -19 and new mutant virus. (Health Club)
Paper Flower (Bouquet) (Craft – VI – VIII)
Holiday – Ambedkar Jayanti
Hindi Poem Recitation (I – V)
English Elocution on (Mother Earth) (VI – VIII)
Origami (Animal) (Craft VI – VIII)
Holiday – Ram Navami
Poster making “World Earth Day” (I – V)
Talent Hunt (VI – VIII)
Clay modelling (Water world)
Holiday – Mahaveer Jayanti
Remedial Classes (I – XII)
Speech : Earth Day (ECO Club)Speech : Earth Day (ECO Club)
Chess, Carrom (Sports Club)
It is only through labour and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things. – BBC (I – VIII)
Let’s nurture the nature so that we can have a better future. – BBC (I – VIII)
English speech on Mother Seraphina (VI – VIII)
Story telling with moral (I – V)
Poster making (Mother Seraphina) (Craft – VI – VIII)
Solo singing (For parents) (VI – VIII)
1st Unit for classes I – X
Magazine holder (Craft – VI – VIII)
1st Unit test for class XI & XII
1st Term for class XI & XII
English poem recitation (Rabindranath Tagore) (I – V)
Diary Quiz (I – V)
Soft toy making (Craft – VI – VIII)
English debate (Contribution of doctors during pandemic) (VI – VIII)
Holiday – Mahaveer Ji Ka Mela
Collage on monuments (Craft – VI – VIII)
Holiday – Id ul Fitr
Craft from waste material (I – V)
Folder making (I – V)
Maths Quiz (Term – 1 Course) (VI – VIII)
Hindi Elocution (World Red-Cross Day) (VI – VIII)
Plastic bottle craft (VI – VIII)
Book Marks (Craft – VI – VIII)
Holiday – Bakrid (Id ul Zuha)
Parent Teacher Meeting (I – XII)
Our helpers (Declamation) (I – V)
Picture writing (I – V)
Just a minute (use & abuse of aplatics) (VI – VIII)
Role play (World famous astronomers & scientists) (VI – VIII)
Fabric painting (Craft – VI – VIII)
Tile painting (Craft – VI – VIII)
Collage on unity in diversity (I – V)
Holiday – Budh Purnima
Spell bee (Term – 1 course english) (VI – VIII)
Dictation (English) (I – V)
Basket decoration with flowers (Craft – VI – VIII)
Remedial Classes (I – XII)
Remedial Classes (I – XII)
Poster Making – On a chart paper, use water colours, pencil colours or crayons or show peace in this times of crisis – (PEACE CLUB)
Slogan writing : Mother Earth (ECO Club)
Decoration of soft board – AIMS, Objective (S. SERVICE CLUB)
Football / Kho-Kho according ground (Sports Club)
Plantation (Science Club)
1st June to 1st July Summer Vacation
Celebrate and enjoy the freedom to live independently, peacefully, hopefully by remembering the national heroes. – BBC (I – VIII)
“You took my hand, opened my mind and touched my heart.” Tribute to teachers – BBC (I – VIII)
Tribute to freedom fighter (speech) (I – V)
2nd Unit test for class XI & XII
Patriotic group dance (VI – VIII)
Speech on teachers day (I – V)
Kite making (Craft – VI – VIII)
Value based english skit (VI – VIII)
Parent Teacher Meeting (XI – XII)
Puppet craft (VI – VIII)
Patriotic singing (Group) (I – V)
Poem writing (Hindi) (I – V)
Patriotic group singing (VI – VIII)
Hindi elocution (xq: ,d iFk izn”kZd) (VI – VIII)
Holiday – Independence Day
Glass decoration (Craft – VI – VIII)
Thali decoration (Craft – VI – VIII)
Parent Teacher Meeting (XI – XII)
Holiday – Muharram
Social science (Quiz) (I – V)
Rakhi formation (I – V)
Dumb charade (VI – VIII)
News reading / broadcasting (VI – VIII)
String curtain making (Craft – VI – VIII)
Spray painting (Craft – VI – VIII)
Advertisement (I – V)
Holiday – Raksha Bandhan
Science Quiz (Unit -2 course) (VI – VII)
G.K. Quiz (I – V)
Spray painting (Craft – VI – VIII)
Computer Quiz (Term -1 course) (VI – VIII)
Remedial Classes (I – XII)
Pot decoration (Craft – VI – VIII)
String nail art activity (Maths Club)
Holiday – Janmashtami
Just a minute on “IT Terms” (IT Club)
Remedial Classes (I – XII)
A Nukkad Natak on rural areas near school for motivation the people for reading. (Reader Club)
Poetry Recitation : Beauty of nature (ECO Club)
Model making / mini exhibition for neighbourhood method based on historical monuments, local handicrafts, etc. (Heritage Club)
Jewellery making activity (Maths Club)
Kho-Kho / Football according ground (Sports Club)
IT club board decoration (IT Club)
A. Object Photography – Examples: Fruits, Vegetables, Objects,Creatively
B. Macro photography – Flowers, insects, leaves, tiny objects etc.
C. Portrait Photography – People (Photography Club)
Short skit showing the importance of reading. (Reader Club)
Bulletin board display with aims and objectives (Heritage Club)
Basket ball / Volleyball (Sports Club)
TED Talks on social issues (S. SERVICE CLUB)
Stand-up comedy – The students will use comical punches to entertain the audience. Punches need to be age appropriate. (Literary Club)
Preparing a video in PPT format showing how the world suffered during pandemic. (Health Club)
Collage making – Use old magazines or newspaper cutting to make a poster on peace. Try tearing the picture with hand, and not scissors, to give it a beautiful effect. Use colors or sketch pens if required. (PEACE CLUB)
My religion is based on truth and non-violence. Truth is my God. Non-Violence is the means of realizing him. – BBC (I – VIII)
Every child is different kind of flower and all together make this world beautiful. – BBC (I – VIII)
2nd Unit for classes I – X
Holiday – Deepawali
Poster making (Gandhi Jayanti) (I – V)
Holiday – Govardhan Puja
Holiday – Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
Holiday – Bhaiya Dooj
Solo dance (I – V)
2nd Term for class XI & XII
Holiday – Dussehra
Rangoli / Candela making / diya decoration (I – V)
Mono acting (Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri) (VI – VIII)
Funny puppet show (VI – VIII)
Scenery making (Waste material) (Craft – VI – VIII)
Rangoli (Craft – VI – VIII)
Parent Teacher Meeting (I – X)
Holiday – Guru Nanak Jayanti
Holiday – Id-e-milad / Barawafat
Solve the puzzle (Maths) (I – V)
Collage making (Festivals) (I – V)
English extempore (How can children be better citizen) (VI – VIII)
Folk dance (VI – VIII)
Table lamp making (With ice cream stick) (Craft – VI – VIII)
Festoon making (Craft – VI – VIII)
Fancy dress (I – V)
Science / E.V.S Quiz (I – V)
Elomime (Victory of good over evil) (VI – VIII)
Hindi debate (egkRek xk¡/kh ds fopkjksa dh izklafxdrk) (VI – VIII)
Diya decoration (Craft – VI – VIII)
Castle making (With coloured paper) (Craft – VI – VIII)
Parent Teacher Meeting (XI & XII)
Remedial Classes (I – XII)
Remedial Classes (I – XII)
Skit (Dharma, magic show, dance, creativity etc. (Maths Club)
Song : Mother Earth (disposal of garbage) (ECO Club)
Computer Quiz (IT Club)
Club board decoration (Maths Club)
Drawing competition of story characters picture. (Reader Club)
Debate on “Advantage and disadvantage of Artificial Intelligence” (IT Club)
Short film / video making on Indian heritage (Heritage Club)
Collage making of different authors and their work. (Reader Club)
Cricket (Sports Club)
Athletics (Sports Day) (Sports Club)
Quiz – (M.C) (Science Club)
Site visits / excursions to historical areas of city, museums, archaeological site. (Heritage Club)
Start the conversation – Randomly students will be selected to start conversation on the given scenario. (The topic of conversation won’t be fixed beforehand) (Literary Club)
Online Club board decoration (Science Club)
Debate/ Group discussions on social issues (S. Service Club)
Commercial making – Student will pic-up chits randomly. On the spot they need to make as advertisement. (Literacy Club)
Peace march on World peace Day (Peace Club)
A. Nature Photography – Animals, Trees, Landscapes, Mountains, Lakes,River, Villages Scenes, Garden, Park, Birds etc.
A. Candid Photography – People, Children, Babies, School sports, School programs, Workers etc.
C. Modern / Heritage / Contemporary photography – Dance moves, modeling,ornaments, patterns,monuments, buildings, 3D shapes, heritage sites, cultural, festivals, school, streets, current issues, important days (National /International) etc. (Photography Club)
Nukkad natak on social issues (S. Service Club)
A play on health and hygiene, mono-activity may also be included. (Neighbourhood) (Health Club)
Poem writing – Write ka poem on peace, of about 50-80 words only. Make sure to NOT copy from somewhere. Your poem should be original, avoid plagiarism. Avoid grammatical errors (PEACE CLUB)

Christmas is joy, religion joy, an inner joy of light and peace. – BBC (I – VIII)
Be the change that you want to see in this world and feel proud to be an Indian. – BBC (I – VIII)
Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds. – BBC (I – VIII)
3rd Unit test for class – XI
Final Term – Class – XI
Hindi elocution (I – V)
1st Pre-board for class – XII
2nd Pre-board for class – XII
Power point presentation on social issues (VI – VIII)
Painting on hankey (I – V)
Doll / puppet making (I – V)
Photo frame (Waste materials) (Craft – VI – VIII)

Pyramid formation (VI – VIII)
English language (Grammar) Quiz (VI – VIII)
Slogan writing (I – V)
Christmas tree decoration (Craft – VI – VIII)
Stone painting (Craft – VI – VIII)
Hindi declamation (dksjksuk egkekjh dk ekuo thou ij izHkko) (VI – XII)
New year / Christmas cards (I – V)
English Quiz (I – V)
Butterfly making (Craft – VI – VIII)
Advertisement (VI – VIII)
Patriotic solo dance (VI – VIII)
Bouquet formation (I – V)
Candle making (Craft – VI – VIII)
Plastic spoon craft (VI – VIII)
G.K. Quiz (Term – 3 course) (VI – VIII)
Carol singing, tree decoration (I – V)
Patriotic group singing (I – V)
Doll decoration (Craft – VI – VIII)
Carols (VI – VIII)
English drama (empowering girls for a better tomorrow) (VI – VIII)
Card making (Thank you) (I – V)
Snowman making (Craft – VI – VIII)
Dress designing on chart (Craft – VI – VIII)
Mime (Comedian like Charlie Chaplin & Mr. Bean) (VI -VIII)
Holiday – Christmas
Computer Quiz (I – V)
Wall hanging (Made by shell) (Craft – VI – VIII)
Remedial Classes (I – XII)
Just a minute (VI – VIII)
Remedial Classes (I – XII)
Badminton (Sports Club)
Decoration table-mat (Craft – VI – VIII)
Hand Ball (Sports Club)
Donation, Visit to orphanage, blind, deaf and dumb homes, leprosy centre (S. SERVICE CLUB)
Remedial Classes (I – XII)
Survey on bathing soap / oil / hand wash of different families and make a bar graph to know the most demanding them. (Maths Club)
Video making on “Cyber Security” (Awareness of neighbourhood children.) (IT Club)
March Past (Sports Club)
Painting / drawing / collage making activities, interview (Heritage Club)
Sell yourself – The students will speak high of himself / herself B’day contribute to less fortunate on stage. Convincing the audience about his / her positive traits. Audience will select the most convincing candidate. (Literacy Club)
a. Creative framing by students, b. Annual exhibition work (Photography Club)
Skit – Prepare a skit of 10-12 minutes, and show how peace can be brought in our surroundings during these difficult times. Use costumes/props if required (PEACE CLUB)
23rd December to 1st January Winter Vacation