Principal’s Message

Welcome to our website

Its my proud and privilege to reach out to our stakeholders through this website. It contains in substantial amount the news & updates of our institute at this site of Kakori, Lucknow. St.Clare’s Convent School, is situated in lush green of the place. The campus speaks volumes of our care & guidance for the students in right the direction & focus on quality education and care for the green and clean environment.

According to Christian Education, “True education is directed towards the formation of the human person in view of his final end and the good of that society to which he belongs and in the duties of which he will, as an adult, have a share”.

Mother Seraphina the founders of CFMSS family and the great educationist call her daughters to the service & love of humanity. She says, “The educator ‘s objective is to form not only good human, but also submissive daughters, diligent mothers, excellent citizens, interested in work and order useful to themselves and to the society.

Dear Clarian’s, lets us work together for fulfilling our dreams into realities and realties into perfect beings. Clarian website take us around the school activities, curricular, co- curricular activities, spots and so on. Our main focus is generative ideas on which Seraphina’s pedagogy is based:

  • The educator is a facilitator in the development and perfection of the human child, ever vigilant to minimise the evil forces that can disfigure God’s masterpiece.

  • Value education covering the whole gamut of curricular and extra curricular activities.
  • The educator’s responsibility to keep close contact with the students during and after school year: keeping them aware of the evil influences that affect human behaviour, warning them against impulsive, thoughtless actions, carelessness, thrill-seeking, etc., that can destroy lives.

  • Warm interpersonal relationships that readies the child to accept learning, and paves the way for her acceptance of the teacher and the values that are basic to the school organism.

  • Primacy of religious education: not merely human formation but a process of permanent formation for the fullness of life.
  • Individual knowledge of the pupils: each one’s uniqueness and unrepeatable individuality- her nature, capacity and potential.
  • The social and cultural promotion of the girl child from underprivileged, working class families, in order to have a better tomorrow both for her family and the society.

  • Dignity of manual work: acquisition of skills in domestic economy in order to be a model mother and responsible father.

May the good Lord bless all

Sr. Venita