1. Leave will be sanctioned when applied on the prescribed form only.
  2. Leave application must be sanctioned before proceeding on Leave.
  3. tLeave exceeding two days shall require prior sanction of the Principal. Those students who are absent on the first day of the Academic Session will lose their seat unless a written application, stating a sound reason for absence is submitted to the Principal well in time and sanctioned by her.
  4. Leave of absence will not ordinarily be granted on the first day of the academic session, last day before every vacation and re-opening days after summer and winter vacations. In case of an emergency, the school authorities must be informed well in time and the leave must be sanctioned by the Principal.
  5. In case your ward needs leave, the application should reach the school at least one day in advance and for any unforeseen happenings or sickness it should reach on the same day before interval.
  6. Absence up to 3 days without prior intimation to school debars the students from attending the school unless the parents in person explain and submit a written application mentioning the reason of his / her absence and non - submission of leave application on his / her joining date.
  7. In case of medical leave for more than 3 days, a medical certificate supported by medical prescription of the concerned hospital from which treatment is being taken is to be submitted along with the application.
  8. Leave on exam days is not granted generally, but in case of any unforeseen circumstances parents must meet the Principal either one day prior to the exam or on the day of the exam and get the leave sanctioned.
  9. Students will not be granted leave on the day before Examinations.
  10. More than 10 days leave will not be granted at a time but prolonged illness or exceptional cases supported by authentic documents could be considered by the Principal on the basis of a justified and good cause.
  11. Without prior sanction of leave or any written information if a student remains absent from the school for more than six consecutive days, it is tantamount to voluntary withdrawal of the pupil by the parent and in such case her name will be automatically struck off from the attendance register. In case you wish her to re-join, it will be granted on written assurance that the same will not be repeated. An application with an explanatory reason of absence along with the receipt of the deposit of a fine of ₹ 2000/- is a pre-requisite for re-joining within a month from the date of absence.